Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Judith Christie McAllister's Husband is Allegedly Guilty of All Charges, But There Maybe More!!

The first lady of Praise and Worship, Judith Christie McAllister has stopped her career while her husband is incarcerated for a crime, she and her family claims he did not commit.  However, there has been another scheme connecting Judy's husband Darin Lee McAllister to another criminal scheme involving politicians of Louisiana, allegedly.

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Bishop Joby and Sheryl Brady Fired Bishop Eric McDaniel

Bishop Joby Brady and Sheryl Brady Fired Bishop Eric McDaniel.  They left their Church, The River of Durham to pastor Bishop T. D. Jakes', The Potter's House of North Dallas and left Bishop Eric McDaniel to pastor The River Church with a six-figure salary.  Allegedly, it has been said he was enjoying his down low lifestyle similar to Bishop Eddie Long.  Just when is the church going to get serious for Jesus Christ???

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Bishop Carlton Pearson Steps Down From Christ Universal Temple

Bishop Carlton Pearson was asked to stepped down as pastor of Christ Universal Temple.  He thought he could teach his Gospel of Inclusion and build up his multi-million dollar empire like he once had at Higher Dimensions, but not so.   Read more about Bishop Carlton Pearson's resignation at
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