Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Celebrity News: Estate blocks family members from Michael Jackson's kids home

Allegedly, T.J. Jackson's attorney requested that a list be made to not allow Janet, Randy or Tito on the Michael...

Celebrity News: Randy Jackson Speaks Out against executors of Michael Jackson's will

Randy Jackson has allegedly spoken out against the executors of Michael's estate. He allegedly accuses them...Read full article, here.

Remixed I'm Brand New, christian rap is no better than hip hop gospel, G. Craig Lewis

The name of this song is 'Remixed, I'm Brand New', but really we do not see and hear a difference than listening secular rap artists...

Video: Former fantasy artist Jessica Galbreth turned from the occult to now serving Jesus Christ

Jessica Galbreth is a famous artist who used to create fantasy art, but one day she found God. God came into her life, after she had had...

Pastor Robert Jeffress urges churchgoers to support Chick-fil-A

Pastor Robert Jeffress of Dallas Texas is showing his support for CEO Dan Cathy by urging his members of First Baptist Church to visit...

Pastor C.L. Jackson Refuses to Pay Judgement and Fraudulently Transfers Property to Wife

Pastor C.L. Jackson refuses to pay services

A prominent black pastor fraudulently transferred his church-owned home to his wife to duck a $75,000 judgment, an accounting firm claims in court. MacFarlane and Associates sued Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church, its pastor C.L. Jackson and his wife, Bettie Jackson, in Harris County Court.

How To Walk With Christ In The Midst of a Rebellious Church

When we discuss society, we are not just particularly speaking of sinners within this world, but we are especially speaking of the church, simply because the average church today has no boundaries or is not following the commands  of Jesus Christ, instead they have yielded to the ways of the world and have no fear of God while doing so.

Oprah Sets The Record Straight: 'I Have Given to the Black Community'

Oprah must have been compelled to comment on her Twitter page when one man asked her when she was going to give back to the black community. We can't really imagine Oprah signing into her Twitter account and replying to just anyone but maybe it was brought to her attention and she thought she'd take the opportunity to set the record straight.

Gospel Singer Shirley Caesar's Upcoming Conference Guest Questionable To Attendees

Shirley Caesar 40th Annual Conference 2012

We wanted to thank our friends over at The Old Black Church for this. They are actually the spotlight for this discussion. We admire the bold statement the TOBC made about attendees having to use discernment when they decide to attend an event with performers and guests who are questionable.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Watch Le'Andria Johnson Backstage Interview with Sunday Best [VIDEO]

Baby Snatcher Ann Pettway Sentenced to 12 Years For Abducting Carlina White in 1987

Carlina White, Abducted at NY hospital in 1987

The woman who snatched a 19-day-old sick baby girl from Harlem Hospital and raised her as her own for more than two decades was sentenced Monday to 12 years in prison – far less than what prosecutors and the baby’s dad had pressed for.

Does Genetics have anything to do with growing long healthy hair for black women?

There are a lot of black women whom grow up believing the myth that if women in their family did not ever have long hair...

Donnie McClurkin's "Great Is Your Mercy"

This is beautiful song that really touches the heart of God and anyone listening to it. Be blessed and you may be so blessed that you will have to push the replay button.

How To Overcome Being Sexually Molested By a Minister in the Black Church

If you have seriously been sexually molested by a minister and you do not know how to overcome the pain, then you must read this article.

Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia Gets Slapped With The 10th Civil Suit in a Year

Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia Sued for Another Church Sex Scandal

A Pennsylvania man, now 29, sued the Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia on last Wednesday for alleged sexual abuse by a priest. This marks the 10th civil suit filed against the church since a 2011 grand jury report detailed sexual abuse by clergy in the area.

Prophet TB Joshua Said to Have Predicted Colorado Movie Shooting? [VIDEO]

TB Joshua Predicts Aurora shooting?

"In the nation of America, they should pray,” the YouTube clip showed Pastor T.B. Joshua saying on Sunday 10th June 2012 during a church service. “I am seeing a man carry a gun in a gathering of people and begin to shoot. A lot of people will be killed before the man will be arrested…

Videos: Donnie McClurkin's TBN interview with gospel artist Mary Mary reveals rebellion against sacred gospel music

If you watch this following video, you will see Donnie McClurkin have a discussion on TBN with Mary Mary allegedly revealing the spirit of...

Billy Graham Offers His Support to Chick-fil-A: God wants more strong leaders in the church to unite while facing persecution

We think it is wonderful to know Dr. Billy Graham is so strong to stand with his good friends, the owners...

Dr. Mae Jemison, First Black Woman to journey out of space plans to take us into the future

Dr. Mae Jemison, the first black women to become an astronaut wants to take us on a journey out of space, 100 years ahead of...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Singapore's City Harvest Church: More Church Ministers Charged in Breach of Trust Scandal

Pastor Kong Hee and more church leaders charged in scandal

Kong's fellow ministry leaders Pastor Tan Ye Peng, John Lam, Chew Eng Han and Sharon Tanon have also been charged with three counts of criminal breach of trust.

Is Bishop Hezekiah Walker's Azusa The Next Generation really for today's church?


 Bishop Hezekiah Walker has just began his annual event, he claims came from God and that is to continue Bishop Carlton Pearson's Azusa.

Liberal Journalists on 'The View' Come to Defense of Chick-fil-A

Really, many people should have already understood that America is a country of freedom when it comes to religion...

David Mann Sings Wife's Song, "Marvelous"

David Mann 'Marvelous'

David Mann Sings Wife's Song, "Marvelous"

David Mann 'Marvelous'

"Mr. Brown" is on a more serious note. He sings "Marvelous" from his wife, Tamela Mann's album "The Live Experience". I'm pretty careful who I listen to these days from gospel music but this song I like.

The Pope's Butler Paolo Gabriele Released From Jail, On House Arrest Til Trial

Pope's butler released on house arrest until trial

Pope Benedict XVI's butler was released from a Vatican cell and placed under house arrest on Saturday as he awaits a ruling on whether he should stand trial for leaking confidential papers.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why Didn’t The Murders of These Pastors Make The Church World Righteous?

The two mysterious murders of Pastor Fred Winters of Illinois and Carol Daniels of Oklahoma barely brought fear and suspicion within the modern day church last year of 2009. Of course, these are not the only two murders that have occurred over the years, some we know the reason, some we do not know the cause: Rev. Paul Jones (Houston, 1990),

Georgia State Stays Execution of Mentally Disabled Man, Warren Hill

Warren Hill Georgia inmate

Warren Hill, a death row prisoner in Georgia who has been diagnosed intellectually disabled, has been granted a stay of execution 90 minutes before he was scheduled to be put to death by lethal injection.

P.R.O.F.I.T. Pastor White Fleecing CME Flock for Bishop Kenneth Carter?

Pastor Paula White, CME church and Bishop Kenneth W. Carter

This is exactly what one Youtube blogger said when they attended a CME church event. Read what they had to say and watch Part 1 of 7 with Pastor Paula White doing what she does best: So now the CME Church is in bed with this hustlin' harlot?!?! She is known for prostituting the gospel for greedy gain. She claims to be a prophet, but don't be confused about the spelling of her title! It's P.R.O.F.I.T.

Rep. Jesse Jackson being treated at Mayo Clinic for depression, Rev. Jackson, Sr. Speaks

This is an update, regarding Jesse Jackson, Jr., he is being treated for depression and gastrointestinal issues at Mayo Clinic...

Teacher's Aide Charged After Daughter Found Naked, Eating Trash: Is this black woman guilty of child neglect or just homeless?

Tracy Lynn Betts was arrested by police after leaving her daughter alone in the car while she went to work as a teacher's...

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mississippi Mass Choir Sings "I Feel Like Going On"

This song was featured in the film the "Five Heartbeats". The Mississippi Mass Choir is an American gospel choir based in Jackson, Mississippi.

How Does God Feel About the Sin in This World? [Picture]

God cries

We thought about this when we saw the picture of god crying because the bible states: Roman 8:26: "But the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans too deep for words."

How to Prevent Fatherless Black Sons or Daughters From Being Preyed On In The Church

Well, though this subject is not new, how many people really take heed to the issues in the church where scandal has arose? Have we even thought about what could happen to our own children, namely our black sons if someone was to prey on their vulnerability for sexual favors . Unfortunately, the church has become in some cases a place where more children are being sexual assaulted and victimized at young ages up to teenage years.

Paula White Pumping the Gospel of Prosperity Through the CME church?

Pastor Paula White Fleecing the Flock at CME church?

...the pimptress butters up the crowd and laces her message with connotations of purpose, change and destiny, but as these manipulative "ministers" always prove, there's a catch at the end.

Get A Guide to Better College Writing [Download]


Here's a guide to help college students write better papers. You can download Chapters 1-5  in PDF file form. If you find this guide of some assistance to you, we wish you the best in your classes. We can also offer help typing your papers after you have written them and are pressed for time. If you are a college student and you struggle to get your papers in on time and receive an excellent grade, look no further.


Good News: Monsignor William Lynn, First Catholic Official Convicted in Cover Up of Sexual Abuse of Children

Monsignor William Lynn convicted of cover up of sexual child abuse

Good News: Monsignor William J. Lynn is the first U.S. Catholic official who has been convicted for covering up the sexual abuse of children. He was sentenced to 3-6 years in prison on Tuesday, July 24.

9 Year Old Abuses Toddlers at Daycare

9 year old abused toddler

The reign of terror that was held by the 9 year old at Kiddie City Child Care Center (located in Vicksburg, MS) came to an end when an angry father came to the center seeking justice for his abused toddler.

Conrad Murray Wants Katherine Jackson To Visit Him Before She Passes Away [VIDEO]

Conrad Murray wants Katherine Jackson to visit jail

Interim, the doctor that was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, Conrad Murray has invited Michael Jackson's mother to visit him in prison. We are not sure if she will accept or if she really wants to speak with him. This is his words as far as he knows but here are his words about the invitation:

How Black Women Can Manage Their Natural Hair and Grow It Long Wearing Protective Styles

Many of our sisters give up on wearing their natural hair, because...

Video: Michelle McKinney Hammond Speaks with 700 Club on How To Be Satisfied and Single

On this following video, Michelle McKinney Hammond really helps singles in the church when she boldly says they need...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some Ministers like Pastor Larry Allen will shoot in the pulpit: Isn't carnality allowed in the modern day church to blame?

We are living in an age when ministers like Pastor Larry Allen are now carrying guns to their pulpits and even have a security team ...

Celebrity News: Katherine Jackson Speaks and says she is devestated over losing guardianship

If you have been following the story, you will realize something strange has been going on while Katherine Jackson...

Should Christians Agree With Homosexuality Just To Show Love?

You know, these days there are many born again believers who are lost and for some odd reason think they are obligated to ignore biblical scriptures that oppose homosexuality in order to show love to gays and lesbians, they are very wrong.   God wants us as His children to obey His Word, not ignore everything we are taught in order to reveal our love to sinners (homosexuals).

Frank Ocean May Regret Coming Out Later [UPDATE]

Frank Ocean's Tumblr post inside album package

UPDATE on July 26, 2012: We have just been informed that Frank Ocean's album Channel Orange not only provides the lyrics to his songs but some of them bear a likeness to his coming out and homosexuality. Also, he conveniently provided a note card inside the album package that bears the exact Tumblr post admitting he liked a man. Apparently,...

Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit 2012 [VIDEOS]


If you missed the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit 2012 this year, watch the highlights and learn from the best how to present your business and go after what you need for its development.

Celebrity News: Joe Jackson Returns to L.A., After TJ Jackson Gets Guardianship of Michael Jackson's Kids

Now, after all of the drama, Joe Jackson has returned home, it all seems very...

Celebrity News: Tito Jackson's Son, TJ Gets New (Temp) Guardianship of Michael Jackson's Kids

We feel very bad for Katherine Jackson, it seems like the previous news of her missing was all a game to make it look as...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Celebrity, Dr. Juanita Bynum Speaks to Bishop Darryl Hines about how God worked a miracle while homeless

We never heard Dr. Juanita Bynum ever admit she became homeless before today. When she spoke with Bishop Darryl Hines...

Celebrity Dr. Juanita Bynum Admitted to Bishop Darryl Hines about letting go, losing of wealth and seeking God

On this following video, we agreed with Bishop Darryl Hines about how the church needs to go back...

Aurora Shooters Pastor Speaks Out, Recalls James Holmes As Shy Boy

Aurora Massacre Movie Shooter's Pastor Speaks Out

Senior Pastor Jerald Borgie (BOR'-gee) of Penasquitos Lutheran Church in San Diego said Sunday he was always the one to start conversations with Holmes, who never approached Borgie and wasn't seen mingling at the church with other people his age.

Bishop Eddie Long's 5th Accuser Stopped the Presses on 'The First Lady' Book

The fifth and flamboyant accuser of Bishop Eddie Long has stopped the presses on the book he was planning to release. The book 'The First Lady' was supposed to expose the relationship he and Bishop Eddie Long allegedly had as he was named as one of the men who accused him of sexual coercion in the payout with four other men.

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