Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bishop Eddie Long New Birth Academy to Close Due to Bad Economy/Low Enrollment


We all know that there is only one reason and one reason only why Eddie Long's academy is closing down: No one wants their children attending a school where many of his accusers attended and were sexually coerced by him. They can come up with as many excuses as they want,...

Black Women, 6-month-old baby, father shot multiple times in Woodlawn


Allegedly, this father, Jonathon Watkins who was changing his 6-month-old baby's diapers was shot multiple times in his van was a known gang member. Even his baby died this morning and now he is in critical condition. As we've heard in previous cases, the victims family denies his ties to being in a gang or having a feud on Facebook. Sisters, we can complain about gun violence all...

Black Church News: Pastor Tony Smith on Westboro Baptist Church & All Other Denominational Religions


On this following video, Pastor Tony smith talks about how there are false religions taught in certain denominations. Some of these denominations have been around for many years, since prior centuries...

Celebrity News: Could Oscar Pistorius be on the verge of suicide?


Some times when these celebrities are in trouble, they often think suicide is their only way out. The 'Blade Runner' could be thinking about committing suicide. According to, a close friend of his says Oscar Pistorius on the verge of taking his on life...

Black Church News: Will we ever hear Michael Whitsey's Good sermons again?


After hearing one of Michael Whitsey's good sermons, at his, we wonder how such a man of God's Word could go back to selling drugs? It seems like this former pastor had a good handful of church members and saying all the good things people need to hear. Pastor...

Black Women: Eight-year-old boy says dead ancestors told him to marry 61-year old woman,Very Nasty!


This heart show between this eight-year-old boy and his bride is a trick of the enemy and it is very nasty. According to Mail Online, this abnormal married couple exchanged wedding rings. Furthermore, his elderly bride's children are aged between 37 and 27, and happy with the arrangement...

DC Technical High School teacher charged with Making Child porn


A science teacher at McKinley Technology High School in Northeast D.C. was arrested Friday and charged with production of child pornography. Police say 29-year-old John Solano allegedly sent and received explicit photos of himself to and from male high school students electronically.

DC Technical High School teacher charged with Making Child porn


A science teacher at McKinley Technology High School in Northeast D.C. was arrested Friday and charged with production of child pornography. Police say 29-year-old John Solano allegedly sent and received explicit photos of himself to and from male high school students electronically.

Gospel Singer Hezekiah Walker's New Single "Every Praise" [Listen to AUDIO]


Here's new music from Hezekiah Walker and the Love Fellowship Choir, "Every Praise". How do you like it?

Kwame Kilpatrick Found Guilty for running a 'Private Profit Machine', says Prosecutors


Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was convicted this past Monday of corruption charges, which will return him back to prison. Jurors of the trial convicted Kilpatrick of several crimes and they include a racketeering conspiracy charge that could have him imprisoned for a maximum of 20 years. The court portrayed him as "an unscrupulous politician

NYC High School Graduates- Reportedly, 80 Percent Can Not Read


It’s an education bombshell. Nearly 80 percent of New York City high school graduates need to relearn basic skills before they can enter the City University’s community college system.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Celebrity News: Black Women, Sanders' custody battle enters second week with Tracy Edmonds Testimony


Well for all of you whom have been following the story of Deion and Pilar Sanders' ugly divorce and now the custody battle, this is week two for their court case. Now, allegedly one of the attorneys in the custody battle has questioned Deion Sanders girlfriend, Tracy Edmonds (music celebrity...

Update: Homeless man who returned diamond engagement ring receives over $175K in donations


Sisters, we do not know if you have been keeping up with the story of the homeless man who returned a very expensive diamond engagement ring. However, this is an update for Billy Ray Harris who was honest enough to returned the ring to the Missouri couple. He has received over $175,000, after a...

Black Women, Brooklyn man fatally shot in his home a victim of murder-for-hire plot by wife?


Alishia Noel-Murray, 25 and her boyfriend, Dameon Lovell, 29 allegedly had her husband Omar Murray murdered so she could cash in on his $400,000 life insurance. They both set up her late husband to be home alone when someone staged a robbery. The 37 year-old iron-worker did not know his younger wife would be so cold to have him killed, but investigators allegedly claim she's guilty of...

Celebrity News: Bernard Hopkins defies age, tops Tavoris Cloud for IBF title


For all of you boxing fans, Bernard Hopkins is topping Tavoris Cloud for IBF title. The 48-year-old is a champion just for continuing on with his career as his age. For many of you whom are age conscious and have given up on life, you should take his success for yourself and live a...

'The Barbie Man' Has Over 2,000 Barbies in Collection Since 1997 [VIDEO]


Since 1997, Stanley "The Barbie Man" has collected anything and everything related to the iconic doll and has amassed a staggering collection of more than 2,000 Barbies. The pink and plastic collection is worth, in his estimation, approximately $80,000.

Gospel Singer Larnelle Harris Releases New Live in Nashville CD/DVD Combo

Hall of Fame vocalist and multiple Grammy winner, Larnelle Harris has a new CD/DVD project on the way. Scheduled for a March 26th release, Harris' latest project, Larnelle Live in Nashville, will include a live performance along with special guests Sandi Patty, Steve Green and Steve Amerson.

Hip Hop News: Frank Ocean Sued Over Production Credit On Channel Orange


Unlike Chris Brown, Frank Ocean is not always in the news, regarding mischievous affairs, allegedly. The hip hop artist is being sued over a sample featured in his song, he did not credit on his album. According to, this not the first time that the award-winning singer/songwriter has been named...

Singer Fantasia Speaks Out Personal Issues on Power 99 FM [VIDEO]


Fantasia Barrino has a new album called 'Side Effects' on April 23rd. It sounds like Fantasia may be getting herself on the right track. While the music industry has literally kicked her in the backside....

Hollywood News: Russell Crowe claims he spotted a UFO


For many years, human beings have always claimed to have spotted UFO's in the sky. Now, famous Hollywood actor, Russell Crowe claims he spotted a UFO. What is so awkward about UFO sightings is that some people identify them as fallen angels, you know demons coming up from hell...

Black women, mother charged with selling her 18-month-old daughter to 39-year-old man


This mother in the above photo allegedly agreed to sell her 18-year-old daughter to a 39-old-man for porn. Natasha Hillard sold her own child to Christopher Bour for a certain amount of money. According to Mail Online, she allegedly admitted to FBI agents she had seen child porn movies on...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Black women, School boy bullied by students who left him an 'invitation' to a KKK birthday party


Tahiyyah Howard says her son has been repeatedly bullied by some white students who gave him an 'invitation' to a KKK birthday party in his honor. Now, many of you may blow it off like this white mother on the following video who said they were just being kids, human. However, you can never become so diverse where you ignore what is coming back to haunt us from history...

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Celebrity News: Joy Behar quits The View after 16 years, May Join CNN


We cannot believe it's been 16 years 'The View' has been on television, although we recall Joy Behar was on the daytime talk show from the very beginning. Of course, it will be very different from the original cast members. First it was Star Jones whom resigned from 'The View' and now years later, Behar. Possibly, since Barbara Walters has been ill, maybe the daytime talk show...

Celebrity News: Leaders Arrive in Venezuela for Chavez Funeral


About 30 international politicians will arrive in Venezuela to pay their respects to Hugo Chavez. As you probably already know, the late leader of Venezuela had been suffering with cancer for two years. Many people remember him as a problem solver when it came to impoverished citizens

Hollywood News: Kelly Osbourne rushed to hospital after suffering seizure


The daughter of Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne had a seizure on the set of E!'s "Fashion Police" and doctors are still trying to figure out what caused it. A lot of times when there is a sudden illness and there is no answer for it, it is spiritual. It seems like God could have allowed it to get the attention of the Osbourne family. No, He didn't cause it...

Black Women, Eat a lot of Protein and Grow Long Healthy Hair


Sisters, let us first ask you when you eat your daily meals, do you include a lot of protein? If you do not eat a lot, you still need an ample amount for your hair to grow, very healthy. In one of our previous articles, we discussed why it is very harmful for you to regularly eat greasy and fast foods. Many of you lack protein in your diet and we will give you reasons why you need it, if you ever...

Celebrity News: Michael Jordan’s Alleged Secret Son's God Mother Speaks Out


Adana Harley allegedly claims years ago she was around her good friend and mother, Pamela Smith and Michael Jordan when they were together. Also, to make a correction, in our previous story, our source allegedly revealed the couple was together during his marriage to Juanita Vanoy Jordan and even sat in his first home he purchased. Harley attended flight attendant school in Dallas with Pamela Smith and the two of them remained good friends since 1987. Furthermore, she is the godmother of...

Black Women, Haydia Pendleton's Parents Talk Gun Control with Politicians


Haydia Pendleton's parents met with politicians to enforce strict regulations for gun owners in the city of Chicago. The senators allegedly claimed people illegally purchasing guns could get hard time in prison. We sincerely wish the same law was across the nation and the mandatory sentence would at least be 30 years, not just 15, because sometimes on good behavior a criminal would only have to serve half time. However, at least politicians are...

Breaking News: Airports to Allow Small Knives On Flights, Says TSA


Small knives are set to be permitted in carry-on luggage on flights, in a change to current guidelines announced by the TSA today. Knives with blades no more than 2.36 inches in length from tip to where the blade meets the handle or hilt will be approved for carry-on.

Celebrity News: Justin Bieber leaves hospital after illness at London and Fight with Paparazzi's concert


Justin Bieber was feeling ill at a concert and has just left the hospital. He tweeted about his brief illness, but what is even worse is his alleged altercation with paparazzi's. Then on this following video, Bieber's bodyguards kept pushing him back from defending himself. According to...

Celebrity News: Pilar alleges domestic abuse, steroid use by Deion Sanders


Pilar Sanders testified before the court that her estranged husband Deion Sanders was taking steroids in their home and she did not want her children around that sort of behavior. However, the judge said the pictures she revealed to the jury of Deion's practicing steroids for fitness were not admissible in court. Allegedly, Deion Sanders tweeted his body has been consistent...

First Female Black NASCAR Driver May be a Fraud, According to Report


She has portrayed herself as an accomplished driver for years on her website and even says she intends to compete in a full schedule this season in Nascar’s Nationwide Series, one rung below the top-tier Sprint Cup series, reports New York Times. Unfortunately, some of what she has been stating about herself just is not true, according to reports.

Shawnee pastor arrested in federal child porn investigation


We don't mean any harm, but after viewing the following video, we've come to realize some white Christians are just as ignorant as some black ones whom excuse their pastor's lust as only being human. Folks, we're talking about child porn. This man in the above photo, Jerry Barham and his good friend, Melissa Loman have both been arrested for child porn. Yes, we are all human...

AT2W is Expanding Its Network [CHECK OUT NEW Blogs]


As a AT2W reader, you are probably aware of our network of blogs. Recently, we have added a few more blogs for your reading interest. All blogs will always have a spiritual aspect to them, which means whether we discuss celebrities or preachers, we will most always give our spiritual eye on the subject. This is how we try to help...

Pittsburgh HS Teacher Accused of Sexual Assault on Student and Other Crimes


Michael White, a Perry Traditional Academy teacher, has been accused of sexual assault. The victim told police that Michael White allegedly asked her to a hotel party that would "include stripping," but the girl refused to attend. Investigators said a few days later teacher was able to convince the girl to leave school without permission during school hours, drove her to his home and had sex with her.

How Can Female Preach with Her Breasts and Tattoo on Display? [VIDEO]


Who in the world will take her seriously with her breast hanging out? If anything men and women will come to her her 'preach' just to check her out. SMH!! Beware! This is NOT the TRUE CHURCH!!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Why Does the Mega Black Church Glorify World's Hip Hop/Rap in Gospel Music, If There has been alleged Blood Sacrifices?


Now, as children of the most high God, it does not make sense for these black churches whom are now mega to glorify the world's hip/hop and rap in gospel music, if there has been actual blood sacrifices in the world, allegedly. According to Professor Griff, a few high profile hip hop celebrity millionaires have taken an oath for their fame and fortune. If this is true, then what is the...

Iyanla Vanzant Puts Rapper DMX in Check After He Tries to Intimidate Her [VIDEO]


We couldn't believe it when we saw the clip of the upcoming show of Rapper DMX on 'Iyanla's Fix My Life' show on the OWN network. DMX gets totally out of line and we are not sure if he knows who he's dealing with but this lady will LAY HIM OUT!!!!

Verizon Wireless Turns In Church Deacon For Pedophilia Found on His Online Account


William Steven Albaugh, 67, a deacon at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church on Belair Road, was arrested at his Nottingham home at 7:45 a.m. Police had searched Albaugh’s Treadway Court home and said they found images of children on his Verizon Online account and on thumb drives.

Chicago Mass Choir to Perform In Allstate Gospel Superfest March 9th


The Allstate Gospel Superfest 14 "Live in Atlanta" will take place at the Georgia International Convention Center, 2000 Convention Center Concourse, Atlanta, GA 30337 at 6pm. The Chicago Mass Choir will join other Chicago artists for the Allstate Gospel Superfest including, Joshua's Troop, Anita Wilson, Ricky Dillard and New G, Shekinah Glory and more

Terrence Howard Brags on 'Making Out' With Oprah in New Film 'The Butler' [VIDEO]


This might be one of the first times we have actually heard an actor talk about how great it was to 'make out' with their co star! Take a listen to Terrence Howard and what he had to say about Oprah. We think it's unnecessary but this is what the world does, right?!

Young Convicted rapist gets 7 life sentences: Does Tyler Groggin Deserve It?


Black Women, we ask you if this young black man deserves to get 7 life sentences for holding a couple hostage and robbing them in May 2011. Tyler Groggin held the couple for hours and raped the woman as the cops moved in on him. As Judge Alford Dempsey rebuked Groggin and called him animal, he was very hostile while cursing at the judge's statement . That's when the judge added 270 years. His defense attorney, Kenneth Schatten blames Groggin's crime on his mother's murder a few years ago. Black women, does this young man...

Hollywood News: Nick Cannon to Play Ex-Drug Dealer Freeway Ricky Ross


Freeway Ricky Ross approves of Nick Cannon to play his life in an upcoming film, but in our opinion Cannon is not experienced as a street hoodlum enough. Nick Cannon seems like the more square type. We would say someone like Bokeem Woodbine would fit the part. However, although Ross says he wants someone younger like Cannon...

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hip Hop News: Chris Brown Screams On A Parking Valet Over $10 [VIDEO]


If it's not one thing, it's another with Chris Brown. He seems to always be having an argument with someone in public. The celebrity hip hop artist allegedly was angry over $10. Now HHE readers, we ask you, just $10? This guy is making millions as a hip hop music celebrity. He can afford...

Michael Jordan Files For Marriage License In Florida in the midst of Controversy


In the midst of controversy with his alleged secret son, Taj Jordan, Michael Jordan is trying to move on with this life. He has just filed for a marriage license with his cuban bride, Yvette Prieto. In our opinion, this situation is very hurting for 16-year-old Taj Jordan, because he and his mother, Pamela Smith are being bold enough to...

Professor Griff Talks about President Obama, Biggie Smalls Death and Mark of the Beast


Professor Griff are educating us about what is going on among hip hop/rap artists and the New World Order. Now, we do not know how true all this information is, but we listened to this video of him discussing how the world's system is about to be set up for humanity to be forced to accept the Mark of the Beast as what is revealed in the Word of God, Revelation 13:16. Now many of...

The Late Godfather of Gospel Timothy Wright's Son Speaks to 700 Club About Forgiveness [VIDEO]


This is a beautiful story about forgiveness his father taught him on his death bed for the drunk driver who killed his mother and nephew.

Update: Black Women, is NY Man Wanted For Infecting Over 200 Men and Women With HIV a Hoax?


Greetings readers of Souls of Black Women, we just happened to look at Isaac Don Burks Facebook page and this is what he wrote, but of course, we do not know how true it is. If you read our previous article, we received a link to this guy's alleged rap sheet, very long. However, his rap sheet may have nothing to do with purposely infecting people. By the way, you can see our...

Black Women teach young black men; Frankfort Square woman abducted at gunpoint


Sisters, this 68 year old woman who lives in the suburban area of Chicago in Frankfort Square was abducted at gunpoint by three young black men. You know how history allegedly reveals we are the mother of civilization? It's time for us to own up to it and encourage young black men in our families to not steal from anyone. It makes no difference if young black men do not have father figures, they must learn how to make a...

Black Women, Man accused of killing girlfriend, Shikhira Dunson faces bond hearing


Carlos Simpson who killed Shikhira Dunson now faces bond hearing. His family allegedly claim he would never hurt her, but according to Shikhira's mother, Denise Dunson says Carlos Simpson allegedly threatened her daughter before her death. Sisters, this is very sad if this guy Carlos Simpson intentionally shot his girlfriend to death, because they have a young child together. Every time cases similar to this one pops up, we...

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