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Happy New Year, But Let The God's Church Be Sanctified In 2012


We want to wish you a Happy New Year, but we advise you whom are pastors, bishops, evangelists, music ministers and all other church members to honor God's Church and be sanctified, no longer hypocrites...

Woman's Husband Lost His Life For Not Listening To Warning Dream God Gave Her [Part 1]



I'm writing to you all to share a powerful and very serious testimony. One day I was out with one of my sons in the gospel by the name of Jay Gregory, who is the Pastor at Faith Covenant Fellowship, a thriving church in Detroit, MI which is one of many that is under my apostleship. As Pastor Jay and I spoke he began telling me of a precious young lady in her middle 30's that had a dream one night that her husband died during a motorcycle accident on his bike.

She woke up and told him the dream. It was a warning from God. He and his wife both agreed that God was warning him about how dangerous riding his motorcycle was and that it could lead to his death. So he agreed to stop riding as God had warned. His commitment to obeying this command from God in a dream only lasted a few days. Within a few days he got back on his motorcycle bike and that very day he was in a motorcycle accident and died. He left behind his wife and children. He should have taken this warning dream from God as something serious and IMPORTANT!!

Will this be You?

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The Kiss of Judas Iscariot Prevalently Resides in The Church [PHOTO]


The photo pictured above never really set well with us. When we first saw it, we knew in our spirits something was not sincere nor right about it coming from the blonde one.

Take a gather at the information about the kiss of Judas. It's quite revealing.

According to the account in the Gospel of John, Judas carried the disciples' money bag. He betrayed Jesus for a bribe of "thirty pieces of silver" by identifying him with a kiss — "the kiss of Judas". [Source]

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Pastors Mentored By Bishop Earl Paulk Allegedly Carried The Torch of Scandal [Part 2]


This is part two of pastors whom appear to be scandalous not all by being mentored by Bishop Earl Paulk but we can say there is a strong connection of scandal present.

We have researched and have actually covered extensive news on our Bishop Eddie Long page who was accused by four men Jamal Parris, Anthony Flagg, Maurice Robinson and Spencer LeGrande of sexual misconduct in Sept. 2010. The four men alleged Bishop Long lavished them with money, cars, apartments and trips while being members the church at ages as young as 14 years old. The pastor has since paid the young men off in an undisclosed settlement this year in May 2011. There was also an unknown 5th accuser, Centino Kemp who joined in the settlement but not everyone is believing his story completely.

But let's not get into this news right now because it is just the fall after the rise of Bishop Eddie Long. In the beginning, Bishop Long became pastor of Traveler's Rest Baptist church in Scottsdale, Ga near Atlanta in 1984 when Kenneth Samuels was pastor. There was a group of pastors at the church including Bishop Eddie Long and because Long could bring in more members, he was chosen to be the pastor of the church. Samuels admitted later that the people of the church felt Long could do a better job at growing the church than he could. Consequently, Samuels had members follow him to start his gay affirming Victory Church in Stone Mountain, Ga. Samuels' wife subsequently divorced him after the 'changes' set in.

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Update: More Websites Surface in Case of Bodies in Trunks


A classified advertising website said Thursday it has provided Detroit police with information about more sex-related postings or ads on several other websites related to an investigation involving four women found dead in car trunks...

Black Women Trust God For a Way To Care For Your Children: Burned Body Found in Trunk ID'ed as Detroit Mother of Three: Vernithea McCrary


Yesterday, we gave you the name of the latest victim on our article, Funerals Held For Two of Four Women Found Dead in Trunks, One More Identified: Dear Black Woman, This Could Have Been You....

Black Women Trust God For a Way To Care For Your Children: Burned Body Found in Trunk ID'ed as Detroit Mother of Three: Vernithea McCrary


Yesterday, we gave you the name of the latest victim on our article, Funerals Held For Two of Four Women Found Dead in Trunks, One More Identified: Dear Black Woman, This Could Have Been You....

Friday, December 30, 2011

Rapper Jay-Z Sued By Worker's Comp Board


The Workers Compensation Board of New York says rapper Jay Z essentially gambled with his employees’ health, according to a lawsuit filed against him. The lawsuit is accusing Jay-Z of failing to pay workers’ compensation insurance for three months in 2009. Those close to the case state his insurance was supposed to cover "domestic employees in Jay-Z’s house."

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Ron Paul and John Birch Society Exposed as New World Order Conspirators? [VIDEOS]


The conspiracy theories from Ron Paul’s newsletters also mirror those of the John Birch Society. Reports now stated The John Birch Society have been successful with bringing to light conspiracy theories which include Timothy McVeigh who murdered hundreds of people in the Oklahoma City bombing. McVeigh was said to have connections to conspiracy theories from John Birch Society.

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Pastor Thomas Archie Wiggins Pleads Guilty


The Church of God in Christ pastor who was arrested for sex crimes against an underage child, Thomas Archie Wiggins Jr, 54, has been charged with five counts of first-degree sexual offense and five counts of indecent liberties with a minor.

It was only six days before Christmas, when the Church of God in Christ's General Board announced that Pastor Thomas A. Wiggins, Jr. had been suspended from all pastoral and superintendent duties for the North Carolina Jurisdiction.

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Watch Riva Tims Press Conference Address New Destiny Church Issues [VIDEO]


Here's two video news coverage segments of Riva Tims address church members and the media about her rightful place in NDCC, how the board has made illegal moves and Paula White's placement as new pastor.

Watch at WESH Channel 2:


Watch at WFTV Channel 9:

Read more on the New Destiny Church stories at:

New Destiny Church Responses to Riva Tims Lawsuit [Statement]


Obviously, we are saddened by the course of action Pastor Riva Tims as chosen to pursue.
Her lawsuit is completely without merit and we are extremely confident in our legal standing. We will take all actions necessary to protect our church, its ministry and its reputation.

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Muslim Woman Sent Anti-Semitic Stuffed Monkey and 'Virus' to New York Senator in Vile Hate Attack Shot Dead in Her Apartment by Police: Is Islam a Religion of Hate?


A woman who was facing federal charges of sending a fake Weapons of Mass Destruction to a New York politician was killed by police...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

NDCC Church Board Announces Paula White as New Pastor Today


It's pretty obvious now that since church members and Riva Tims have thrown a monkey wrench in their plans to announce Paula White as their new pastor on News Year's day. Instead, NDCC administrators have already confirmed the news in a press release on Thursday.

"We celebrate the continuation of a vision, a vision launched back in 1996 with the founding of New Destiny Christian Center as a non-denominational church with a multi-cultural mission," a statement attributed to Board of Directors member Elder Marguerite Esannason, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

"We prayed fervently for guidance during our search which led us to ask Pastor Paula White to take over as Senior Pastor," Harold Fuller, acting chairman of the Board of Directors, said in a statement. "...We earnestly know that the Lord led us to select Pastor Paula White."

"...We believe Pastor Paula will continue to make New Destiny a church for all people..."

Paula White, who has been divorced twice and has a string of financial issues, will reportedly be a non-voting member of NDCC's Board of Directors and will answer to directors as well as the Board of Regents.

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Riva Tims Files Suit Against Church While Board Announces Paula White as New Pastor


Riva Tims, the co-founder of New Destiny Christian Center with her former husband Pastor Zachary Tims, has said on Thursday she plans to file a lawsuit against the church.

The Thursday morning news conference, filled with reporters and cameras, go the news first hand from Riva Tims. She has stated she will "no longer be silent" over who the church's board members choice for pastor of NDCC.
The church members received a news release, only hours before Riva Tims spoke, announcing Rev. Paula White's new position as the church's senior pastor.
Many of the supporters said since Riva Tims should lead the church since she is one of the church's founders. Apparently, Riva Tims agrees and has been grieving over what people have said about it. She contends that the church is "her heritage and legacy and that's why she intends to challenge the board's decision." Source

Tims says the church bylaws make it plain that she should be pastor of the church. She says she has tried to meet several times with New Destiny's board and with White, but they have refused to meet her, reported News 13.

"I'm here to declare to you today that as a founder of New Destiny Christian Center, that I am the real mother," Tims said to cheers.

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Press Conference by NDCC Co-Founder Riva Tims To Address Church Controversy

Riva Tims, co-founder of New Destiny, and members of the church opposed to White have scheduled a news conference for 11 a.m. Thursday. Riva and Zachery were divorced in 2008, after which she started her own church, Majestic Life Ministries.

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New Destiny Church To Boycott And Will Withhold Tithes

Members of New Destiny Christian Center say they plan to seek the removal of church leaders over the selection of Tampa-based preacher Paula White to lead the church following the death of Zachery Tims. Church leaders did not respond to a request to meet with members to explain the selection of White. Organizers of the petition drive are now calling on members to boycott Sunday services and withhold their tithes and contributions.

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Fugitive Pastor Otis Holland Has $10,000 Reward Issued For Info on His Whereabouts

Otis Holland is the former pastor of United Faith Church of Las Vegas NV who skipped court and has been on the lam for a year. Holland was accused of sexually assaulting teenage church members, KLAS reported. Now, a $10,000 reward has been offered for information about the former pastor and his whereabouts.

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Apostle Lobias Murray's Funeral and Homegoing Services Announced


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Gospel's Bobby Jones Singer Emily Harris Dies

Gospel singer Emily Harris passed away on December 23, 2011 in Nashville, TN.
Emily Harris is widely known for being a member of Bobby Jones' New Life Singers and the Nashville Super Choir.
She was a member of the group from the beginning, and was always known for her smile and radiant voice for the past 30 years on BET's Bobby Jones Gospel Show.
The funeral arrangements for Emily Harris' homegoing service will be held at Cathedral of Praise COGIC on 4300 Clarksville Pike in Nashville. It will be held on Wednesday, December 28th, 2011 7 PM. There will be an Industry Musical on Thursday, December 28th, 2011 11 AM at the Homegoing Celebration.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Destiny Church Members Protest New Pastor on Christmas Day


There were some members of the Orlando area church spent part of their Christmas protesting the possible appointment of a new pastor, Paula White. Churchgoers at New Destiny Christian Center are concerned over the possibility of Paula White replacing the church's late pastor, Zachary Tims.
On Christmas day, the group of protesters passed around petitions and asked board members to resign. They claim the church's board has ulterior motives and is not looking out the what's truly best for Zachery Tims' legacy nor for the church members at large.
The Orlando Sentinel reported that a New Destiny member Eugene Roberson, whose leading the petition drive stated:
"We don't need this board. We feel this board has ulterior motives," said Eugene Roberson.
"The board passed out the survey last Sunday, and a week later they have not given us the results of the survey. We did our own survey and no one was in favor of Paula White," Roberson said today.
The petition stated Zachery Tims' ex-wife, Riva Tims, should by all right be the pastor.

"The majority of the congregation does not want Paula White. We want our mother back, and our mother is pastor Riva Tims," Mary Walker said.

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Did Bishop Eddie Long Have a Reason To Close New Birth Christian Academy and Fail Students?


In our opinion, we do not think Bishop Eddie Long had a reason to close New Birth Christian Academy, simply because Bishop Eddie Long has always promoted himself...

Paula White's 2nd Without Walls Church in Lakeland Has Been Closed Since August


Paula White's second church location in North Lakeland, Florida named Without Walls Central has not held services since at least August. Lakeland Electric disconnected the church's electric service because they say its owner, White of Without Wall Church in Tampa had too many missed payments.

Thanks for The Old Black Church for the tip on this one!

A city spokesman named Kevin Cook stated Without Walls owed more than $50,000 in unpaid bills. Lakeland Electric even applied the church's deposit of $51,180, he said, which left the owners with a balance of $2,953.79. This small amount of money which probably would pay for a staff dinner date on the church's tab, still has not been paid.

Note: It's important to mention that electric service was shut off the very month Pastor Zachery Tims died in a NY hotel.

Rev. Randy White, a co-founder of Without Walls International and the ex-husband of Paula White, told reporters that in November the Lakeland property was on going to be sold or it was going into foreclosure.

Many people would not have known much about the status of the property if it had not been for the widely public news on Paula White possibly assuming leadership of Zachery Tims' New Destiny Church in Apopka.

Here's a little history on the Lakeland Church location:

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Rapper Heavy D's Cause of Death Now Released


Friends, fans and family members of the deceased rapper Heavy D passed away on Nov. 8 at Cedars-Sinai Medial Center in Los Angeles, are getting answers today, as his cause of death was released.

Heavy D, the 44-year-old performer died from a pulmonary embolism caused by deep leg vein thrombosis, TMZ reports. The details came from the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office.

His death was classified as "natural," which indicates that no foul play was involved. Besides the pulmonary embolism -- a blockage of one or more arteries in the lungs most often caused by blood clots that travel in from other parts of he body -- Heavy D suffered from heart disease.

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Nicki Minaj Tweets John 3:16 Scripture to Fans on Christmas Day?


This is pretty interesting that someone who models herself as a raunchy and explicit female rapper would try and connect with Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas. Nicki Minaj tweeted to her fans about Jesus Christ on the holiday, reported from Christmas Post.

She tweeted the John 3:16 scripture to her eight million followers on Christmas.

“For God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten son; that whosoever believeth in him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life,” Minaj tweeted. “Merry Christmas & God bless you all!”

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Statement from Representative on Detroit Murders


Today we are giving you the latest on the Backpage murders. Here is a statement...

Eddie Long's New Birth Christian Academy Closing Down Due to Financial Issues

Well, the beginning of the end is still moving along at Bishop Long's New Birth Church. As he will never confront the sexual allegations or any other allegations against him, his church empire is struggling financially since the dirt as surfaced. We want to thanks Hinterland Gazette for the heads up on the story.

Channel 2 Action News reported Tuesday night, New Birth Christian Academy is shutting its doors, temporarily the school board stated.

Even though the New Birth Christian Academy Board of Directors states the decision to close is not related to the sexual coercion allegations, most of us know better than that.

News reports have stated the school will not reopen after the holidays.

School officials issued this statement to Channel 2:

"The deficit, along with the declining enrollment over the years, left the New Birth Christian Academy Board of Directors with no other option. The board has made the tough decision to temporarily close the school."

The statement is not being completely truthful. In the report, it stated just a few years ago, the school's enrollment was over 300 students but this year dwindled down to less than 100 students.

How many of us know the school will probably not be temporarily closed but indefinitely?

It needs to be mentioned that the letter sent to parents of the students of the school have not addressed refunding the remaining registration fees that were paid for an entire school year.

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Greek Life


The recent death Greek Life of Robert Champion, Jr., the late FSU Drum Major, has brought much needed attention to the unsafe and even unlawful hazing practices commonly seen on HBCUs. The autopsy report showed that Champion "suffered muscle damage commonly seen in such events as car accidents, prolonged seizures, child abuse and torture". His death also calls an even bigger issue into question. Why are so many men and women willing to do whatever it takes to be a part of these organizations?

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Watch Video: 2 Detroit Exotic Dancers Could Be Connected with Serial Murders According To Mothers


Dear black women, we always try to encourage you to be safe and as you can see this case with the Back Page murders has not stopped yet. These two mothers are desperately seeking their missing daughters who were both exotic dancers. Twenty-six-year-old Kalisha Madden and 23-year-old Cherice Gordon have been missing for too long and their mothers have discussed their worries with Fox Detroit News.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Is There Such a Thing As Culture In Gospel and Church Music?


When did the subject of culture come up in gospel music? Simply, when the rebellion of the black church and gospel music artists began to overshadow anointed...

The Responsibility of Detroit Black Churches, Regarding Tragic Serial Murders of Alleged Escorts


First and foremost, we are not blaming Detroit black churches for the murders, which involved at least 3 of four women who were found dead, possibly in connection to being escorts...

Monday, December 26, 2011

Black Women Do Not Become Escorts to Make Money: Slain Women Linked by Website Says Detroit Police


If you have been reading Souls of Black Women, you will recall this article, regarding these two black women found dead in the trunk of a car...

Kara Kopetsky's Ex-boyfriend, Kylr Yust, Wanted By Sheriff's Deputies for Court Violation

Allegedly, Kara Kopetsky's ex-boyfriend was suspected of possibly having something to do with Kopetsky's disappearance and now there is more trouble for him. He is wanted by Sheriff's Deputies...

What Difference Does It Make If Jesus Christ Was Black, Since Many Black People Hate Being Black?


If Jesus was white or black, it does not matter. One thing is for sure, when we stand face to face and our lives are revealed on judgement...

7 People Shot Dead in Texas Home Christmas Day: Is Blood Thicker Than Water?


First and foremost, we pray for all 7 victims who were shot dead in this murder-suicide, which occurred in Grapevine, Texas. We also pray that they all made it into God's Kingdom...

Fire Victim’s Family Awarded $150 Billion By Texas Jury

Fire Victim’s Family Awarded $150 Billion By Texas Jury

This case carries a pretty large settlement for a fire victim but anytime victims can be awarded this large amount means the crime was just as large to the family of the victims and the jury.

A Texas jury has awarded the largest verdict some have ever heard of – $150 billion has been award to the family of a man who died 12 years after being set afire as an 8-year-old.

Attorney Craig Sico says the punitive damage award is symbolic and the family expects none of it will be paid.

The defendant, Don Wilburn Collins, is currently imprisoned on an unrelated sexual assault charge. He was never charged and denies involvement in the 2010 death of 20-year-old Robbie Middleton.

Sico says he asked jurors to make a statement by topping the $145 billion Florida verdict against tobacco companies in 2000.

Neither Collins nor any attorney appeared for him at the civil trial. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice didn’t respond to requests for comment Tuesday.


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Newly Wed Gay Couple Receive Congratulations Letter From Obama?


Apparently, this is very true according to the report at Urban Christian News. A Brooklyn gay couple, Matt Katz and Aaron Lafrenz were astonished when they received a letter from President Obama six months after they tied the not in a gay wedding.

The two men were wed in July 2011 and just recently received a letter in the mail this month "with the White House seal indented in the paper and the signature of one Barack Obama on the bottom."

Obama has been opposed to gay marriage in the past, though he has recently said his views on the topic are "evolving."

ABC News was told that a family friend, Arlene Weinstock, had requested the letter on their behalf after hearing that the White House would take requests upon the passage of the New York gay marriage bill.

The couple was pretty confused because they were not big gay rights activists but acknowledges that the President is using this as an opportunity to gain gay votes.

ABC also contacted The White House about the letter and they responded that it "regularly sends congratulatory messages from the president to members of the public."

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Why Gospel Artists Should Not Be Of The World [VIDEO]


We've said it before and will say it again: today's gospel artists need to keep things holy and not follow the ways of the world or they will be subjected to the world's ridicule of them.

In the video below, Wendy Williams is already comparing Mary Mary's new reality show to start in March with The Braxton's reality show on WE TV. We don't watch these shows but one of our readers ran up on this clip of how Wendy is adding them to her gossip commentary even though they have appeared on her show recently.

See video here:

Minority Borrowers To Get $335 Million In B of A Settlement Over Countrywide Discrimination Practices


The United State Department of Justice filed a claim on Wednesday with the Central District court of California and is awaiting court approval. Consequently, the DOJ has labeled this as the largest settlement in history concerning residential fair lending practices.

Lender Countrywide owned by Bank of America charged over 200,000 African-American and Hispanic borrowers higher fees and interest rates than non-Hispanic white borrowers with a similar credit profile. The complaint says that these borrowers were charged higher fees and rates because of their race or national origin rather than any other objective criteria.

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We've had people contact us stating they don't believe Dr. Doug had anything to do with Zachery Tims. Well, we are not Zachery Tims advocates but we post news on what has been going on surrounding his death. This video is for those that doubted Dr. Doug Chukwuemeka's story about getting Zachery Tims saved years ago and he did knew him from the beginning.

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Yale's 1st Black Head Football Coach Defrauded His Claim to Fame

Former Yale coach, Tom Williams is facing incriminating allegations that he was not truthful on his resume in 1992 when he said he was a linebacker at Stanford.

The coach had never been a Rhodes scholar candidate or applicant, let alone a finalist, as he had let the world believe. He had told Yale he was a candidate with an entry on his résumé. His biography on the Yale Web site said the same thing.

Yale, which had undertaken an internal review to investigate Williams’s Rhodes scholarship assertion after an article in The New York Times raised doubts about its legitimacy, announced that the coach had resigned.

In a news release from the university, Williams said he had been encouraged to apply for a Rhodes scholarship while at Stanford, but never did so:

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Robin Thicke Tries Rule Black Women While Enjoying His Half-Black Woman


The news recently broke when Robin Thicke had the audacity to tell black women who to date. First and foremost, Robin Thicke is a white man and cannot feel the emotional ...

Robin Thicke Tries Rule Black Women While Enjoying His Half-Black Woman


The news recently broke when Robin Thicke had the audacity to tell black women who to date. First and foremost, Robin Thicke is a white man and cannot feel the emotional ...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

FGHT's Apostle Lobias Murray Dies At Age 84


Apostle Lobias Murray was the general overseer of Full Gospel Holy Temple Church in Dallas, Texas. He dies at age 84 on Dec 23rd.

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Black Women Consider Rape Victims: 2 Men Charged in Rape of 13-year-old Detroit Girl

There are too many black women who understand black men more than black women.  Historically, why is this a fact?  Why is it when...Read full article, here.

Iran Veteran Sgt. Wesley Durden AKA ‘Next Great Baker’ Contestant Commits Suicide


A reality show contestant on TLC’s “Next Great Baker,” Sgt. Wesley Durden, has reportedly died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The production just wrapped up in October, according to Fayetteville, N.C. authorities. His body was found dead in Jacksonville off Reilly Road with one gun shot to his body.

Consequently, the network TLC announced Durden’s death after Monday’s episode but never mentioned the death was an alleged suicide.

TLC issued a statement to the family and viewers:

“In Memoriam, Wesley Durden 1982-2011, TLC extends its deepest condolences to Wesley's family and friends,” the network’s on-air note read. He will be warmly remembered by the cast and crew of ‘Next Great Baker.’”


Women Against Macy's Dressing Room Policies Get Petition Signed in The Tens of Thousands


The Liberty Counsel is getting the word out that Macy's department store needs to change their dressing room policies to better fit the needs and comfort of the women shoppers who use them. They have tens of thousands of signatures on the petition to make their point known.
The organization was just alerted that a mother and her daughter were subjected to trying on clothes in Macy's a dressing room in the Galleria Mall in Dallas, TX which was run by a man presenting himself as a woman.

This man dressed as a woman employee was seen escorting women to the dressing rooms, entering the dressing rooms to clean out the clothes, and even providing different sized items to women while they are trying on their clothes.

Also, many reports from all over the country have come in stating men in general are allowed to hang out in the women's dressing rooms at Macy's. In these situations, the men were identifying as men.


Co-Founder of NDCC Riva Tims Will Tell Her Story In Charisma Magazine


Riva Tims may not have been respected nor considered as the co-founder of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida amongst the church's board but she is a pastor and champion in her own right.

She will be gracing the cover of the February 2012 issue of Charisma magazine. The featured cover story about her is entitled:

"When it All Falls Apart: Through Death, Divorce and More,

Riva Tims Found God's Hope and Healing and You Can Too!"

She posted this cover and two others so Facebook friends could help choose their favorite layout. We chose this one above!

Oh and by the way, Riva Tims had this to say to the church members, Paula White and the board, just hours after the protest was announced to go on at New Destiny Church:

To the members of NDCC, I know there is a lot going on for you all right now. My heart aches for you and I would have loved to be a part of the healing process for you. The children and I feel ...

Read the full story at: Petition Claims Kim Kardashian 'Made a Mockery of American Culture'


This is an interesting topic. We commend the efforts of the founders of this website for denouncing mockery and just plain no talented folks who make millions from it.

An online petition found at has attracted the signatures of more than 277,500 people who proclaim that they’re done supporting the reality star and her publicity-loving family.AThe site claims Kardashian has “made a mockery of American culture” and the petition hopes to attract as many signatures as possible in hopes of influencing Kardashian’s sponsors to end their relationship with her.

Those who sign the petition pledge to “boycott the products sold & marketed” by the 31-year-old. They also promise to avoid shopping at any stores that carry Kardashian-branded merchandise and to never watch “any television show, movie or sex tape” that features her.

The site also displays the logos of nearly 40 brands or stores that either use Kardashian as an endorser or sell her products.

Read full story at:

Student Kicked Out of Class For Not Supporting Teacher's Gay Views

Student Kicked Out of Class For Not Supporting Teacher’s Gay Views

A mother has filed a federal lawsuit against her son’s school district and a high school teacher for removing her son from the class because her son’s religious beliefs prevent him from accepting homosexuality.

Sandra Glowacki, who is a Catholic has accused Howell Public School District and teacher Johnson McDowell of violating her son’s constitutional rights.

The suit says the teacher kicked out Daniel Glowacki, 16, then a junior, from an economics class on Oct. 20, 2010, while the district was observing anti-bullying day and Spirit Day. The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation encourages Americans to wear purple on Spirit Day to support LGBT youth who may feel harassed because of their sexual preference.

The lawsuit said the district allowed teachers to sell purple “Tyler’s Army” T-shirts in support of Tyler Clementi, a Rutgers University freshman who killed himself last year after a roommate streamed an Internet video of Clementi kissing a male student. The teacher, McDowell, wore one of the T-shirts throughout the day and devoted his classes to promoting homosexuality, the suit said.

The lawsuit stated, teacher McDowell told one student to remove a  belt buckle brandishing a Confederate flag he felt it was offensive.

Subsequently, Daniel Glowacki asked the teacher why rainbow flags were permitted, the teacher kicked him out of the class but not before receiving an unfavorable response to his question: “Do you support gays?” The Catholic religion prohibits him from doing so, but teacher told Glowacki and another student to leave class.

The district suspended McDowell for one day without pay.

Though we don’t agree with the history and pain behind the Confederate flag, we don’t agree with the teacher removing the students from the class because of their views. This is not how they should handle these issues. Actually all offensive things should be carefully dealt with due to differences of belief and views. By the teacher discouraging the wearing of the Confederate flag but widely supporting gays at school, is very bias and sends the wrong message. They are both very controversial issues and should a teacher be promoting gays in school anyway?

Read more at:

Can Black Churches Welcome Homosexuals But Remain Against The Lifestyle?


We have to acknowledge the fact there are homosexuals, lesbians and transgendered people in the church and in the black church. We don't think there is any objection to this. People of alternative lifestyles have filled the pews of many churches across the nation long before we started publicly speaking on the issue. Though the picture above is of Bishop Yvette Flunder's City of Refuge Church which is a gay and transgender accepting church, we will not be dealing with that aspect of gays in the black church. Contrarily, the issue at hand is: Can black churches welcome homosexuals but remain against the lifestyle?

This question can be a tough one depending on the pastor and the church. Without sounding condescending, we all know gays have been in the black church forever and some churches have welcomed it and some have not. What we have found is while gays and lesbians have found a place at the black church, they are both accepted and not accepted.

Read full article here:

NDCC Protestors Say "We Don't Want Paula White Here" [VIDEO]


The protest at New Destiny Christian Center went on Thursday night as protesters held up signs stating "We Love You, Ask Pastor Riva" and others. During the service, many members walked out in disappointment and frustration over the appointment of Paula White as the new pastor of the church.

News 13 spoke with Riva Tims over the phone and she told them she was never considered for the position. Of course, the church board was not responding to any interviews at this time.

Read more at:

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Protest Underway Against Paula White as New Destiny Church Pastor and For Riva Tims


We will not hear the last of the Zachery Tims and New Destiny saga until its really settled and over and its definitely not over now. While there are many church members who would have loved for Zachery Tims' former wife Riva Tims to succeed him, apparently she stated on Facebook, the church officials had not invited her to participate in the selection process. Minister Anderson at New Destiny Church was the very first to announce to reporters on camera that Riva Tims was one of the persons they were looking into to take over the church. This occurred the Monday after news of Tims' death but for some unknown reason, he has since denied commenting on her ever being considered.

On Sunday, Deborah Johnson reached out to Riva Tims on Facebook about the news of Paula White as pastor and stated:

"We are shocked at the news and praying for God's perfect will to manifest. We love you, Pastor Riva."

Riva Tims responded:...

Read full article at:

Why Was Pat Robertson Criticized For Admitting Homosexuals Can Change?

We cannot understand why Pat Robertson is being judged now that he is finally saying something right.  Usually, Pat Robertson has been allegedly accused of saying things not in line with God's Word.   However, this time, we think Pat Robertson was being used by God to help this father whom...Read full article, here.

Missing Girl Jhessye Shockley's Body Thrown In Trash After Mother Tortured Her


This is very sad news and we are literally fighting back tears. Our hearts bleed for this little girl and her family.

The missing girl that disappeared on Oct. 11th may be dead and in a landfill, police say. Glendale police stated the body may have been placed in a trash receptacle in Tempe and then dumped in a landfill before she was reported missing.

The police are not specifying who they think killed little Jhessye. They are only stating that reliable and substantive information has been obtained from leads after her mother, Jerice Hunter, was arrested in November. Other reports state leads came from the Silent Witness program.

The Phoenix News Times stated Glendale Officer Tracey Breeden calls this case now a homicide investigation and Jhessye Shockley's mother, Jerice Hunter, is "the primary focus."

The police feel they now know what happened to little Jhessye weeks before she went missing.

Read full report here:

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